mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

Boot Shaped Peninsula

"Tu guardi le stelle stella mia, ed io vorrei essere il cielo per guardare te con mille occhi"

Hello there dear reader. Welcome to this new old strange kind of blog. That is not even a proper blog, but somewhat between a music diary, a place to gather fire-flies, a page to run to in boredom, happiness and despair, a chance to immortalize Summer 2011 with the souvenir of a lifetime.

I won't go anywhere special this summer. I'll be stuck in my town. That will be wistfully desert, as always. I dreamt to run away in America, for the biggest adventure ever, still I haven't even got the money to go and meet friends at Indietracks. That left me with a bunch of fantasies, dreams, and a fuckload of happy sunbeams!

What will this "Place" will be used for then? We'll write summersongs! How will it work?
  1. Write me to have an account to this blog
  2. Feel free to write whatever Summer 2011 will whisper in your ears
  3. Write a song and send it to me at
At the end of the summer I'll gather'em on an album and we'll share it to followers and friends!

Since it's summer and I'll be forced to play with my windows wide open, guess my songs will not be electric or noisy oriented. And very personal. And funny sometime, I hope.

But, above all, songs shall to be lo-fi and very quick, in order to catch the impression of a day while it's still alive in your soul, and images are still fresh in your retina.

Agreed? Let's go!