domenica 31 luglio 2011

Nimesulide EG

Dark here. For once in a while I managed to finish my new Platonic song just in time for a Sunday afternoon nap. I was really pleased that Piper wrote me thankin' me for the nice DJSet. It has been very sweet of her. After my "Italiafornian" week with Puro Instinct I sat one evening writing a song that was supposed to be a very minimal acoustic ballad on the casual neckbone hacks that hit me from time to time. Here's where the name "Nimesuline EG" come from. It's the name of a painkiller.

As I was saying it was supposed to be a very simple acoustic ballad, but plans changed as I bought last Of Montreal EP.

That's what you get.

Nimesulide EG by tinytide

And lyrics...

"I haven't slept all night
the pain was too much
except for that small part
where I came for your heart

And while my bones did ache
Not a thing I couldn't make
You know it was a mere
but I took all that I could take

I was banned, banned elsewhere, but not here
It was easy, easy all the way but here
You were present for a moment, for a day
I was taken right before the expiry date

So time came to wake up
and my head was still a mess
my brain cut in small parts
extra beats pumped in my heart

And while I couldn't wait
All I needed was a break
You know that I could melt
If I can't take care for my health

I was banned, banned elsewhere, but not here
It was easy, easy all the way but here
You were present for a moment, for a day
I was taken right before the expiry date

and anti-choke
and andti-bodies
just anti"

venerdì 29 luglio 2011

Hash Piper

Today has been a bad day. I spent so many energies on writing and recording the new song in just one day that my body cracked, and I had a little breakdown. Nevertheless life went on, and I struggler with all the power I had left to carry on my tasks, mainly because I felt the urge to hear my new track on the car stereo :)

This week I had the great honour to be the DJ for the American psych-pop band Puro Instinct. It was a nice night, and Kaplan sisters did a great show. Funniest thing of the experience? The singer obsession with hash, so that I started to call her "Hash Piper" instead of "Piper Kaplan" (of course I didn't miss the chance to play the obvious consequential Weezer song :) )

That's my attempt to write and record a psych-pop song inspired by the two sisters reports on socials. Extra note: I think I'd never made so many pronunciation mistakes in a song. Enjoy.

Hash Piper by tinytide

Tiny Tide
Loving you it's easy
You're out of your fucking mind

Not just a psy-folk geezer
I am so sad about us
You know that I'm in ruins.
You gotta do what you know it's right
So make me swag I beg you

The only thing I like

'Cause that is that
little brat

I've got the cash so bring me hash
So bring her
Hash Piper

Our last night show was quite weird
with chronic needs and wasted drums
I miss you dude it's pretty rad
but not like when where having fun

Heart broken and quite stoned friends

I'm Hanging with my Hand grenade

I'm warning you, I'm coming there
don't wanna get you unprepared.
And that is that
No time to chat
I've got that cash, don't make me upset
So make me

Has Piper

Hello! Hello| Hello!

Don't be shy

Hello! Hello| Hello!

Don't say goodbye"

domenica 24 luglio 2011

Miracle Day

Nothing much happened to my summer, as much as expected. So it happen that even a tv-show like Torchwood is able to turn your day in a... MIRACLE day!

This song has many influences anyway. First of all, I've been to a Lou Reed show yesterday, and It was funny trying to imitate his voice. As for the lyrics I used some notes I took on the beach a week ago after having picked up the silliest sentences I heard from the youngsters I had around while tanning at 1000° under the sun and the hot sand.

I was really impressed by Dr. Sheldrake. As a human being and for its revolutionary theories, such as the one about the morphic resonance and stuff... theory that I tried to extend to... beach parties!

So here's my song anyway. Some feeeeeeeedback would be sweet.

Miracle Day by tinytide

Here's the lyrics:


"Oh, My dear your skin will fall the day
you will remember what we said
under sunny skies that burnt our flesh like Hell.

He's so lucky when it comes to girls
Just because he wears my pants
But I'll never lose my charm.

And if we all get drunk and dance all the night
Then we will have more fun and dance all the night
Had just three, four beers but I'm feeling alright
in cosmic resonance

'cause Hey! Can't complain
Oh, Hey! You HAVE to stay
No way, 'com snap, Sheldrake!
It's A Miracle Day
'cause Hey! I can't explain

So who the fuck is Jonathan
I though I heard him say
If Irene it's texting now
Who's left in school these days?

The International League For The Protection Of Animals Mane
complained the day you cut your hair
To look just like Miss Jean Seberg
and visit France , the Europe Wave
You had your beach instead to stay
and spend some days with Gwen and Jack.

martedì 19 luglio 2011

sabato 16 luglio 2011

Mirna Loy

This week Mr. Robert Schneider, from Apples in Stereo, introduced me to Otomata, an application to create random patterns of sound on a grill. I used Otomata to create some random patterns and use it as a start for a new song.

Nothing much interesting happened this week, but I've went out to dinner with Mirna. So I started writing lyrics focusing on that event and the difficulties of having nothing particular to say or not being able to say it because of the persons you can meet in a restaurant.

Do you know a drink called Limoncello? At the end of the dinner (I had pizza, of course!) we waited 25 MINUTES just to have the waiter to come to our table with the drink. We were supposed to get angry, but the restaurant offered us its finest handmade Sangria, forcing us to be nothing but delighted and you to have another search on Wikipedia :)

Mirna Loy by tinytide

Here's the lyrics:

You and I
You and I
and again
and again
and again
You and I
just this time

town is desert
wouldn't mind
bit of cakes
cherry pies
we're here
for the start
Face to face

You devote your life to act
minor roles as silent vamp
your career improved a lot
on the studio that you bought
Rise the stardom with Ramon
The Barbarian felt the aplomb
Mirna Loy
wants to talk
about life
and the pressure that she's got
while the daily work got tough

what to say?
In first place
Here's an enemy of mine
sitting ight her by my side

Charlie Chapling will return
just in time to have it done
Top ten Money Making Stars
Double Wedding for your parts
And blue birds from red cross
will be singin for your love
Mirna Loy

I would dance dance dance and play motown
I would dance dance dance and go downtown
you know we pose, play, pause play, pause and then we stop
whil we change our names and roles for Warner Bros

lunedì 11 luglio 2011

Here comes the lyrics

Don't know if it's because of European Banks Meltdown, but it's really hot here in Italy. Not feeling quite right since yesterday disease, so guess tonight I'll just lay on my bed watching Falling Skies new episode and maybe some old Doctor Who's ones (possibly the 10th Doctor). But first... to hell with braveness! Forget about being shy. Here comes the lyrics...


We were waiting restless by the rocks
spending the hours singing the song
Though we just pretended nothing more
than being famous was not a joke

Blue Sky over emerald green grass
and Jelly Babies on the landscape

I believed that our act was something more
but I guess I'll never really get to learn
Then I started shaking
shakie shakie, my head!

Shooting with the Welsh Girl
Seeing her body tan red
Shooting with the Welsh Girl
Laughing at the wrong gag

You have stolen much more than my band
Taking my guitar, playing so well
Coming from the fairytale I made
facing the real world going away

I believed we were becoming so much more
As I stepped into the water
And I started shaking
Shakie shakie, my head!

Shooting with the Welsh Girl
Seeing her body tan red
Shooting with the Welsh Girl
Smiling with a new friend
Laughing at the wrong gag
Meeting with the Welsh Girl
puttin' on the long scarf
Cheeks are looking better
On my sunday Welsh girl

We sat watching our love bleeding out in silence

*** *** ***


Meeting her sweet face it was all I ever wanted
since a week already passed but I'm running out of chances
and she's sparkling little sparks when she steps out of her motorcar
and I raise my double fingers to give the girl the sing of "Peace"
She gives peace back to me

Can't hold on myself but let go on every smile she's cracking
all of of my bad thoughts and I want to talk for hours
about everything we like, from music to our silly stuff
as I stare back to her face from the awesome pretty legs I see
She's looking back at me

I'd love to stay for a while
I'd love to be by your side
As the time that we drove by for miles and miles
Show me a star and I'll try...
to stay and hope to watch it shine

I'd love to stay for a while
I'd love to be by your side
as the time that we drove by for miles and miles
I could run, I should try
like you when clock did strike midnight

Shoe's got a hold on me

And the little lady imagined pretty well
Staying out of troubles wasn't summer plan
Growin up the girl got close to her momentous day
It was July 9, they knocked the door they asked the boy to stop
It was way too loud so he freaked out and yelled the World to fuck

Summer is the season for finding out new treasures
everyday is full of colour while perfect evening ease your life
should be in technicolor in limited edition till Fall
brings back brand new fashions and I will step on toes to see
Will you step back to me?

domenica 10 luglio 2011

Shoe's Got An Hold On Me

And Summer goes on. As long as our diary. Week after week my little World is filled with dreams, then I wake up and I'm not surprise to see it's just the same.

As an artist I'm really kin on not revealing too many information about boring stuff such as work and the times I go to the bathroom, but I'm forced to say that the title of this song came from an account I'm dealing with when I'm in my Clark Kent mood.

Being said that I was glad to see again that girl. Meeting her and talk a while really warmth my heart. So once again I tried to put all this feelings in a single song.

Another unexpected twist - a very bad one - were people coming at my door knocking for me being too noisy. ME? NOISY??! I swear my foot was way too far from the TURBO OVERDRIVE Pedal! (thanks to Robert Schneider from Apples in Stereo for being supportive and sympathetic with this situation)

ALSO: I friended Marnie Stern and began to massively listen to her stuff. That's why I tried to have some tap guitar in the song... As you can see the result was not so impressive, and I don't think I'll come back to that technique, unless someone is willing to help!

And the last one: did you knew that Karen Gillian is not from Wales? Find it out in my song :)

Shoes Got A Hold On Me by tinytide

venerdì 8 luglio 2011

So Into You

Second song by The Significant Others: So Into You.

Join the REAL Summer of Luv :)

The Significant Others - So Into You by platosummerstars


Very strange summer this one. A mix of different feelings is damaging my brain. From one side: SADNESS AND A SENSE OF MELANCHOLIA. indeed, after 5 years of great times, my record shop will close at the end of year and i had to search a new work and start again with something different. I tried to postpone the closure but there's nothing to do. this blog is not a place to discuss the music future's, but we'll going to do this in the next future Mr.Zonda....right?
from other side: HAPPINESS for the birth of my second child and for the acquaintance of very nice people during the last year ( Mark you're one of these people sure! ).
this strange mix finds peace at night when ( after 2 lemonsoda glasses , of course ) i plug my jack in the recorder and i start to write and play music that i love.
The next one will be a special song for this blog.

p.s. I definitevely decided to support Costa Rica team during this year's Copa America!

lunedì 4 luglio 2011

Falling Skies

I have to admit that Summer 2011 is plotting at its best against me for turning out indeed quite exciting and more cheerful than expected! When John Montalto from The Significant Others asked me to try and write some music together for this project I was wondering on how the simple expectation for a TV Serie could save your days in a boring summer. But blame it on my stupid stupid feelings and this delightful chilly Italian night and I'm quite ready to swear that this season it's not quite bad at all.

I just come back from Marco's studio to get the masters of the songs of my next album. It was strange waiting three months for mixing and recording vocals when it took only two months to write and record the songs. Still it worth the wait and I'm REALLY happy with it too!

So here's once again this mixed emotion turning out to build up a song, being the NO-TAV situation near Turin being the second fact of the day puzzling with my thoughts in da brain.

Here's the lyrics John. I'm looking forward to see this stuff turning out in a song and hear it in a proper American accent. Feel free to change any of the words in it :)


"Sunday riots over High-Speed Rails
Got Police caught in the Clash
Washing my hands on strawberry Jam
See that goodie spoilt away

Bikes, Pipes, Pocketbooks
Tell me how far are you going to
Ropes, Drugs

Stones, Pies, Diamonds too
The day is done and I miss you

And I'm looking bad for falling skies
to fall over our heads
Night is crawling and you are so far
Bailing out on the junk

So I came to take what I had left
To watch flowers blooming from ice age
It was long ago but worth the wait
everything it's really good in the end

Cheese, Water, Tin Machines
Won't you rest a while and stay with me?
Bee Gees, XTC

Jets, Wings, Arcade Fires
Boredom is a state of mind

And I'm looking bad for falling skies
to fall over our heads
Night is crawling and you are so far
Bailing out on the junk"

domenica 3 luglio 2011

Shooting With The Welsh Girl

Almost a perfect weekend. At least for a musician! After spending the whole Saturday on writing and recording the song you're about to listen (I ended mixing it at 02.00 o'clock in the moring!) I finally managed to sleep 10 hours (I woke at 12.00 with possibly the nastiest of the neighbour knocking at my door) and I had a nice long walk in a park (1 hour and an half!).

So! Here's my first song for this kind of strange summer diary. It's dealing with last weekend spent by the Taro River shooting our first professional video and the feelings I carried on with it. Everything of course revised by my imagination and artistic interpretation!

It's called "Shooting With The Welsh Girl", and that's what you get.

Shooting With The Welsh Girl by tinytide

sabato 2 luglio 2011

Lady Sky

"Song chorus's came to me while on the street and were sung into my cell phone so I would not forget."

I just went out to have myself a breakfast in my favourite Saturday bar. With an extra orange juice, just to be indier than usual. Went to the record shop tu buy last MyMorningJacket album after being let down by S' "I'm Not As Good At it as you" (indeed Jenn) and I got back to my song to start recording some acoustic guitar. And guess what? I found a nice surprise in my mailbox! Just when I thought I would have been the first writing a song John Montalto from NYC based The Significant Others did it!

I dreamt to spend at least one summer of my life in NY but The City came knocking at my door. What a brilliant start!

And a nice excuse to share our SoundCloud page too :)

venerdì 1 luglio 2011

Rhymes of goodnight

It's only July, and I'm thinking we already hit the apex of hotness on this Summer 2011. Quite late, it's 1:43 AM in here, and I'm actually thinking that the neighbourg neighborhood will be sufficiently upset just by the sound of me clicking clicks on the keyboard. But... hey! I hust wrote my first summer song, and I wanted at least to record drums to properly record it tomorrow while it's cloudly. They say sunday will be all day shiny, so guess I'll go waxing my invisible surfboard to ride some serious imaginary waves.

I managed somehow to sleep 1 night over 5, I spend my past Sunday shooting a video and the rest of the week promoting summer fashion sales. Didn't I deserve a breakdown this night?

Catch la later tomorrow for updates on the first song. Goodnight :)