venerdì 19 agosto 2011

Caroline, Plato and the news

Look. It's really late. I MEAN IT! It's 03.07 am in Italy, and I'm probably doin' a lot of noise just ticking the keyboard's keys. Moreover... my head is about to explode! In just a day and a half I recorded the last 3 songs for Plato, but managed only to finish this one...

Caroline Yeah by tinytide

And do you remember the lyrics that I passed to John to turn'em out in a song? Well... HE DID IT! And WHAT A GREAT SONG! So proud of him! It's like Julian Lennon singing a new hit! And the sound of the song is SO clear, not like my usual chaos! The song turned from "Falling Skies" to "Yesterday's News", and you can listen it... HERE!

The Significant Others - Yesterday's News by platosummerstars

Well, this Summer is about to end. I came up with 11 songs, and I feel like it makes sense to gather'em together in an album, just like a diary. It make sense. That's why I think that we'll have two releases instead of one: "Plato's Summer Stars" and the EP "Plato's Summer Sparks".

But - as I was telling you - my head is cracking, and it's really late. So I think I better leave you with the lyrics of "Caroline Yeah", another love song and a direct reply to Brian Wilson :)

Take it a way Wil!


"Don't ever ever try to change your hair
You're color is just rad
morever you have said it's natural
Oh Caroline yeah
If your should pick a place make sure it's here
Oh Caroline yeah
Make up your bed and make my life a mess

Oh Carline Yeah

WHo took that look away must be insane
But Carol doesn't mind
I guess I'll fall in love each brand new smile
Oh Caroline yeah
If you should pick a heart make sure it's mine this time
Oh Caroline yeah
Make up your mind and make my day tonight

Oh Carline Yeah

But if a chance is meant to be this time
I don't wanna say goodbye"

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