martedì 9 agosto 2011

Name and Shame

Hi there from the hot dark room. Even close in this place London Riot acts easily managed to disrupt into my room through news, reports, but especially by the updates of some friends of mine living in there. Don't know why all this madness managed to catch my attention and hurt my feelings more than worldwide economy breakdown or the fights in Syria and Afghanistan. Maybe because friends were involved, possibly because it's still Europe and as for me it was totally unespected. Having a diary of Summer 2011 would have sounded quite lame ignoring those riots, so here's my song supporting the MET POLICE against London Riots what you can join and help subscibing here (or maybe I should talk in past tense if you're reading this from the future and a) all this madness is just history or b) England doesn't exist anymore and wer've got New Shanghai instead.)

Anyway. Here's the song.

Name and Shame by tinytide

and the lyrics so far...


"We are watching happening right now, any second counts
I could get updated by a tweet or a shout
Use your power, don't steal and keep calm, bring the police down
Mindless thugs the ones that should have payed by now

Hope that all those bobbies will stay safe tonight
Shoppers even had no insurance.
Families have lost their hopes and place, I'm ashamed
No one moved a finger on those fat beefeaters

Give'em guns, blow'em up
fill this great lack of regard
I don't care, what it's right
I'm just waiting for the cop cars

Name and shame
I can't see your face today
Herd the scums, like rouge cats
and then shipp'em to Afghan
What the Fuck
it's a crime
Bring on water and dum shots
Name and shame
Sign right here for your own safe

Police had a lot of calls today
Did somebody set a page?
Violence won't bring back your home today
All because of all these mindless thugs

Where are all the parents now?
Are they guilty just like us?
Wanna try to see who wears the mask?
You can't hide a face for that long time
Wonder what became of human rights
A shoot in the leg should be enough...

Give'em guns, blow'em up
fill this great lack of regard
I don't care, what it's right
I'm just waiting for cop cars

Name and shame
Name and shame
It's abuse thrown on our face
Useless cunts, stinky rats
will they grow to stab your back
The whole place
goin to Hell
who will save us from ourselves
Name and shame
Name and shame
Bring me water for scum bags

Can't believe what England has become
Can't believe what we all have become
these days"


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