sabato 20 agosto 2011

Plato's Summer... Sparks!

So here we are. Summer's about to end. At least for me, since my vacation days are nearly over (a big SNIFF in here, just like in comics)

Where Summer's 2011 memories lead us to? A Tiny Tide album and a collaborative EP.

Here's the first gift from us, an EP called "Plato's Summer Sparks". We hope you like the songs and that you'll give some feedback to the artists who took part in this little (and warm!) Summer adventure.

1. Yesterday's News (The Significant Othres - USA)
2. All My Summer Dreams (The Brigadier - UK)
3. Green Eyes (Tiny Tide - Italy)
4. Way you move (Waving Blue - Italy)

You can download the EP here. Enjoy.

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